Teaching English in Chiangmai

Teach English in Chiangmai

Chiangmai, a beautiful culturally encriched most Northern city of Thailand borders Myanmar and Cambodia and is a fascinating, exciting city to live and work. With an abundance of English teaching jobs, Chiangmai is haven for English teachers with or without experience. Living in proximity to the local jungles, Elephants, wildlife and scenery are sure to amaze you for years.

Salaries and working hours

Teaching in Chiangmai offers some of the highest paying opportunities for English teaching across the country.

There are an abundance of Kindergarten, Public school and Business English schools offering salaries over 20,000Baht per month.

For experienced teachers 30-40,000THB can be offered per month depending on the total hours and type of school or position.
Many teachers working in Chiangmai also take advantage of private English classes; Many of their usual class day students regularly pay for individual classes at their own home's. With a possibility of doubling your monthly salary with classes in the evenings many foreign English teachers in Bangkok get involved.

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Chiangmai Working visa requirements

Working visa requirements are the same across the whole of Thailand. A BA degree or higher, English speaking country passport holder (UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Afica, Ireland) and sometimes a TEFL is requested as well.

Teaching Jobs in Chiangmai

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