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Requirements to Teach English in Thailand requirements

Without any teaching experience, formal teaching qualifications or even an online TEFL; If you're a native English speaker and hold a BA degree with no criminal record in your home country, you qualify to teach English in Thailand. requirements

No TEFL or work experience necessary?
Yes, there's no TEFL or experience required to teach English in Thailand (For processing a working Business visa). Some employers may still request a TEFL though (Check out our TEFL for Thailand). You must also be a native english speaker, with a passport from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or Ireland.

Working visa requirements to Teach English

Obtaining a working (Business visa) in Thailand is achievable via one of our employers along with the following documents

Working permit(Business visa) for teaching English in Thailand

1. BA Degree or Higher (Essential)
2. Native English Nationality (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa)
3. Available to commit to a 1 year contract
4. Online TEFL 60 hours or more sometimes requested

Work in Thailand

Requirements to work in Thailand

Important requirements to work in Thailand

Financially, you must have a small amount of money available to pay for your visas, flights and first month to live and work in Thailand. Note that your initial costs are reimbursed to you at the end of your contract in the form of an end of contract bonus.

Key requirements

1. At least £1000GBP available for flights, visas and costs requirements
2. Available for a minimum of 12-month contract
3. Adaptable and culturally accepting personality is recommended
4. Fun and outgoing characters will find teaching incredibly easy

If you've never taught before, there's no need to worry, full training and support is offered. Many foreign teachers who've never taught before learn to teach within 1-2 weeks. requirements

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