Business visa and work permit for Thailand - Full details

Obtaining the correct paperwork to work in Thailand can be a little complicated, here you'll find all the steps required

How to get a Work Permit and Non-immigrant B Visa to work legally in Thailand
Detailed information on obtaining your B Non-immigrant visa and work permit to work legally in Thailand


To work in Thailand you will need to have your prospective employer to apply for a Letter of approval from the ministry of labour in Thailand. With this letter you'll need to apply for a B (Non-immigrant) visa ideally in your home country, with some employers you can do this in countries near Thailand without having to return home. The non-immigrant B visa is usually valid for 3-months where a new residency visa for 1-year or longer will be issued after entering Thailand and starting work. After arriving in Thailand your employer will process a work permit for you and you'll be able to legally work in Thailand.


The Process:

1) After interviewing with any of our prospective employers in Thailand, sign an employment contract and prepare the following documents (Scan and e-mail them to your employer, best to do this when you sign and return your employment contract):-

a) BA Degree or higher certificate copy (Notary not required)

b) Copy of your transcripts (Notary not required)

c) Copy of the last photo page of your passport (Do not blank out any of the numbers)

d) Copy of your TEFL/CELTA/Teaching qualification (Not always required, if you have this send it anyway)


2) Wait for 7-10 working days for your Letter of approval from the ministry of labour in Thailand. This is essentially a work invitation letter. You may also require a letter from your employer to explain why they wish to hire you. You may also be sent a copy of the business license of your company.

3) Apply for a B (Non immigrant) 3-month single entry visa in the Thai embassy nearest to you. You should check the website of your Thai embassy to confirm the required documents you'll need. Take the documents provided by your employer along with copies of the following documents when you apply for your B (Non immigrant) Visa. Note: If you have originals of the documents below it's a good idea to bring them along to the Embassy with copies of each document as you may need to show the originals in some cases.

a) BA degree copy

b) Degree transcripts copy

c) Original Passport

d) 2x Passport photos

e) Completed visa application form (Download UK, Download all other countries)

f) Documents sent from your employer 


4) Book your flights and fly to Thailand


5) After arrival your employer will need to give your passport to your employer and prepare the following additional documents:

a) 3 more passport photos

b) Departure card (The 2nd half of the form completed at immigration when entering the country)


6) Your employer will usually take 7-10 working days before returning your passport with work permit and work visa for 1 year.

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Date: 05/05/2015 02:04
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