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No Teaching Experience Necessary

No TEFL or special qualifications required

Accommodation or housing allowance offered

High salaries, excellent benefits

In a number of the top cities:-
Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket and many more!
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Working overseas

Find a job in Thailand

Thailand, famous for its fabulous beaches, wonderful food and exciting temples. Thailand is an awesome choice for working abroad and Teaching English is the most popular position on offer.

Our schools and employers are of excellent quality, offering legal working permits, competetive salaries and always, direct contracts with the employer. Using us as your agent does not mean you'll sign with us and have your pay deducted whatsoever. Direct contracts, no fuss, excellent employers.

Safe employment in Thailand

We're extremely strict with our employers and ensure they always pay according to contracts, deliver as stated, process working permits in a timely manner and offer great employment conditions to our teachers.

Finding your own job in Thailand can be quite risky as employers generally do not need to adhere to regulations on hiring foreign employees. With us, however, they have no choice. Excellent employers, great jobs and a guarantee of an awesome employment experience teaching or working in Thailand.

Teaching Children English in Thailand class

Guangzhou City Dusk

No experience teaching English?

The wonderful nature of English teaching in Thailand is that if you're a native English speaker with a BA degree or higher you'll be able to find a good English teaching position in some excellent locations, great pay and wonderful employment experiences on your first job.

Teaching English in Thailand doesn't take long to grasp, with good on the job training and support as well as an abundance of online resources you'll find it easy to teach children english.

Requirements to work in Thailand

Every employer has their own requirements of course, so be sure to check the requirements on each job description. Generally the following requirements must be met:-

  • BA Degree or higher

  • Native English speakers only (Uk, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland)

  • Out-going, adaptable and fun personality

  • Money for initial flights and visas to get you to Thailand

  • More details

    Requirements to work in Thailand