The lovely weather

Thai climate is controlled by tropical monsoons, and the weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid throughout most of the year. While Thailand’s seasons are generally divided into the hot season, cool season, and rainy season, in reality is it's relatively hot most of the year. So it's a wonderful place where you can always wear T-shirts and shorts and enjoy the sunshine nearly all the time; Opening the doors for plenty of fun outdoors events like the annual water festival – The largest water fight on earth! For those who are fed up with the cold and depressing weather in your own country, a teaching job in Thailand may be a better choice for you.


The food is delicious and cheap

Thailand is also famous for its amazing food. The food is very fresh and cheap. Everywhere you look there are street stalls selling various foods with various flavors- spicy, sour, sweet, salty. Whatever you want, the choice is unlimited! And no matter what time or day, there’s always food available somewhere. What's more, thanks to a large amount of expats moving to the country, there's a lot of tasty international food like halal, Indian, and Mexican food caters for different people from all over the world.


The hospitable Thai people

Thailand is well known as 'the land of smiles' for that everywhere you go people are always smiling and friendly towards you. The locals often greet you with a warm smile and and they are always willing to help expats from other countries. They’ll help you if you’re in trouble and help translate for you if you can’t speak Thai. So if you start to teach in this country, I'm sure that you'll be amazed by the level of hospitality that Thai people shown towards you and finally fall in love with the land.


Living in Thailand is convenient and inexpensive

The wages of working in Thailand as an ESL teacher may seem low, but salaries are always more than enough to live comfortably here. Apartment rentals are extremely affordable in this country. The Pharmacy + healthcare is excellent and extremely low-cost. There are so many huge and beautiful shopping malls in Thailand. The markets here are extremely cheap and abound everywhere.


The convenient transportation
Transportation in Thailand is cheap and as abundant as the food here. There are basically 6 kinds of public transportation (Motorcycle taxis, Songtaos, Taxis, Minivans, buses, Tuk-tuks) and they are all cheap.

Motorcycle taxis go everywhere in Bangkok City. You can find the Motorcycle taxi stations in every street or you can easily wave one down. The cost is about 20-40THB for a 5 minute journey.

Songtao drivers would drive along the streets to pick you up and each has a designated destination while you need to check with the driver. The cost is about 6-10THB per journey.

In Bangkok, you'll never have to wait for a taxi in that they are abundant and can be easily waved down. And they are really cheap. The cost is about 8-9THB per kilometer.

Minivans usually stop near the bus stations and they are cheap, too. They usually charge around $1.00 for the average commute. The costs of the bus are the same as the minivans and they also exist in abundance.

For travelers, Tuk-tuks are great fun. They often go through Bangkok like little race cars and tourists often love taking a ride in them. However, Tuk-tuks are a little more expensive so it's better to have a bargain with the driver for a cheaper price.

Thailand is also well-connected to many other countries in Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, China and the Laos border. These places are all accessible by train. Also, Bangkok has a lot of great budget airlines passing through to popular destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines, etc. It's much easier for you to go travel through the Asian countries.


The awesome festivals

One of the benefits of teaching in Thailand is the great amount of public holidays. It seems to be some cause for celebration nearly every month. The most funny and important festival for Thais is the Songkran Water Festival. It often goes on for a week from April 12th to April 17th! During these days the whole country comes to a standstill to celebrate the Thai new year by throwing water over each other. Those who are drenched in water are the most are known to be the luckiest in the coming new year. It's great to have one or two days off a month for some holidays, which accompanied with some fun activities and delicious food.


The free teaching environment

Teaching in Thailand is far easier and much more fun than teaching in some other countries. Lessons are not that serious and as a teacher what you need to do is to concentrate more on playing games with the students. It's really easy for you to prepare for a lesson plans and also it does help to improve the students' English skills. Also, there's rarely any homework set and examinations are taken care of by the school themselves, leaving your responsibilities simply on teaching and enjoying with the students.


For so many reasons listed above, are you convinced now? I hope I had at least captured your interest in taking a teaching job in this country. Thanks for reading!

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