Thailand, on the geographical heart of South-East Asia is often called 'The Land of Smiles' for that everyone here is kind and friendly with a welcoming and friendly smile for all visitors. The land is like a dreamy kingdom abound with clear azure seas, white beaches, gold-spired temples and serene-faced Buddhas. Such wonderful scenery makes the country an attractive land for expats to come and teach English abroad.


Moreover, The most attractive reason for expats to come to Thailand are the low costs of living. Things are pretty cheap here while for a very low cost you can have a very good standard of living. Here is a sample budget based on an average budget of $1000 (equals 34000? Baht). The example is based on a common traveling/working blend of eating a mix of Thai and Western food, having the occasional beer, using personal transport like taxis and tuktuks and generally living fairly comfortably.


For the first month in Thailand, you will need to pay for the orientation and transportation costs which come to roughly the following:

  • Airport transfers – 700?

  • Orientation document fees – 350?

  • Spending money for orientation – 3000?

  • Transportation to the home town – 1000?


Excluding above you'll have 28,950? left for the first month to live your routine life in Thailand according to the following list of regular expenses:

  • Clothing – 3000?

  • Meals – 5000?

  • Entertainment – 5000?

  • Toiletries – 2500?

  • Bottled water – 600?

  • Transport (general) – 3000?

  • Utilities – 2500?

  • Laundry – 300?

  • Mobile phone – 500?

  • Personal care (haircuts, massages, gym membership, etc) – 1000?


In total you'll spend 28450? for the first month , and 5550? left as personal savings. From the second month on, you'll have monthly 10600? left as personal savings for that you don't need to pay for the airport transfers, orientation document fees, spending money for orientation, and transportation to the home town.



However, it is very possible to live on significantly less than this, and it is equally possible to live far more lavishly. How much or how little you spend is ultimately up to you, but this should provide a helpful guide.

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