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Filipino Music Teacher needed in primary school in Chumphon, Thailand, start immediately

Job Details

Thailand Teaching Primary school english job Id: 9817

Job id: 9817
Salary: ฿20,000 THB to ฿23,000 THB per month
Location: Chumphon Thailand, Thailand
Industry: Education
Working Hours: Monday to Friday , weekends off
Positions: 1
Date posted: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0000
Students: Primary school

Working visa: Yes, processed by employer
Accommodation: Not provided, school offers help with finding an apartment
Other benefits: See job description below

Nationality: British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, South African, Middle Eastern, South American, European, Russian, Other
Age: 18 to 45
Experience: Not necessary, graduates may apply for this position (full training offered).
TEFL or higher teaching certificate: Not required

BA Degree (or Higher): Required
Approx. Salary conversions
Salary in US Dollars USD $640.00 to $736.00 monthly
Salary in Euros EUR €566.00 to €650.90 monthly
Salary in British Pounds GBP £496.00 to £570.40 monthly
Salary in Canadian Dollars CAD $846.00 to $972.90 monthly
Salary in Australian Dollars AUD $896.00 to $1,030.40 monthly
Salary in South African Rand ZAR R9,000.00 to R10,350.00 monthly

work visa provided, Thailand ,Thailand

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Our school located in the small town of Map Ammarit in Chumphon is looking for full-time Filippino music teacher to start as soon as possible. Our school is located in the southern part of Thailand which is 6 Hours by train from Bangkok, 20 minutes by car from Chumphon airport.


Job Description:

*Teach Music

*You are required to teach primary school students

*The class is 6-10 students per class

*The students are aged from 8-9 years old

*You are required to teach singing , dacing , piano or other instruments




*The salary is 20,000THB to 23,000THB (The first probation is 20,000THB per month)

*Work permit is provided

*Contract renewals is offered



Working hours:

Monday to Friday , weekends off




*Filipino teachers who graduated in Music

*BA degree or higher education

*Teaching experience for music teaching is preferred

*Enthusiasm commitment and flexibility

*A passion for music teaching

*Can teach two instruments is preferred




We welcome experience teachers who can develop fun and educational activities . Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the positions is filled. Candidates should submit a cover letter, resume /CV, recent photo to :appply@findworkabroad.com


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This employer complies with our strict requirements for hiring foreign employees in Thailand.

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