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Teach English in Kabinburi, Thailand, start immediately

Job Details

Prachinburi Teaching Kindergarten english job Id: 7807

Job id: 7807
Salary: ฿28,000 THB to ฿28,000 THB per month
Location: Kabinburi Prachinburi, Thailand
Industry: Education
Working Hours: Monday to Friday approximately from 7:45am – 6:00pm, teaching hours range from 18-22 per week, weekends off
Positions: 3
Date posted: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0000
Students: Kindergarten

Working visa: Yes, processed by employer
Accommodation: Not provided
Other benefits: See job description below

Nationality: British, American, Canadian, Australian, Irish, New Zealand
Age: 18 to 45
Experience: Not necessary, graduates may apply for this position (full training offered).
TEFL or higher teaching certificate: Required (No TEFL? click here)

BA Degree (or Higher): Required
Approx. Salary conversions
Salary in US Dollars USD $896.00 to $896.00 monthly
Salary in Euros EUR €792.40 to €792.40 monthly
Salary in British Pounds GBP £694.40 to £694.40 monthly
Salary in Canadian Dollars CAD $1,184.40 to $1,184.40 monthly
Salary in Australian Dollars AUD $1,254.40 to $1,254.40 monthly
Salary in South African Rand ZAR R12,600.00 to R12,600.00 monthly

work visa provided, Prachinburi ,Thailand

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We are currently looking for native English teachers for our public school position in Kabinburi, Thailand to start immediately. If you're interested in this position, please do not hesitate to apply.


Job Description:

*Teach assigned subjects to assigned classes as per schedule provided;

*Adapt and deliver lessons from notebook and black board;

*Maintain student grading/assessment;

*Attend office meetings or professional development held during office hours;

*Student is from Kindergarten to primary school aged from 3-12 years old;

*The class size is around 25-45 students per class;



*The base salary is 28000THB per month (Tax Free);

*Visa & work permit provided;

*Medical insurance provided (Except dentistry & Chronicle Illness);

*Paid government holidays (13-21 days annually). These are mandatory government holidays in addition to the paid vacation;

*2 paid personal/sick days;

*Accommodation is NOT provided but the school can assiat in setting up accommodations;

*Guaranteed yearly 6% cost of living pay increase minimum;

*Airport pickup;

*Western management;

*Thai Culture Course is required for Work Permit/Visa/Teacher’s license (Done by Company);


Working Schedule:

*Monday to Friday approximately from 7:45am – 6:00pm, teaching hours range from 18-22 per week, weekends off;

*All teaching materials are supplied by the school/company;



*Native English speakers;

*BA degree or higher education;

*TESOL/TEFL is preferred;


*Official Academic Records (Transcript of Degree);

*Enthusiasm commitment and flexibility;

*A passion for English language teaching;


If you are qualified for this position, please do not hesitate to apply. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Candidates should submit a cover letter, Resume/CV, recent photo toapply@findworkabroad.com

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This employer complies with our strict requirements for hiring foreign employees in Thailand.

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